I've often thought that if I hadn’t become a visual artist I’d like to have been a writer. I've been writing in journals on and off, but mostly on, for around thirty years. For almost as long I've enjoyed combining visual narratives with text, whenever it makes sense to do so.

With these prints, from a group of drawings I called the Broomstick Series, I've created a picture that allows people to see and read my daily thoughts, dreams, anxieties.

These drawings portray me in my middle age, feeling the weight of impending mortality. The broomsticks found in each print represent all the trivial and tedious, but necessary, chores of day to day life that pull at all of us and keep us from doing the things we love, which in my case is making art.

The words that appear around and over the images could be entries in my diary but when I write on a drawing I feel freer to express myself than I do in a conventional journal.

I keep the prints and drawings fairly small to invite the viewer into my work and my world, which is perhaps a reflection of their world as well.